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Social Cause Game To Aid Victims Of Alabama Tornadoes

June, 1st, 2011: Can playing a video game help bring aid to those in need? Werd! Interactive is making it possible!

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Werd! Interactive Has Re-launched

May, 10, 2011:  With the incredible rise of the mobile industry, Werd! Interactive, a 10 year veteran of mobile gaming, has decided to revamp itself into the leading company on Transmedia storytelling. The company is led by CEO Randy Shepherd, a leader in the mobile space who is known for forward thinking and innovation.

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Orlando, FL December 01, 2010: Werd! Interactive CEO Randy Shepherd is issuing a call to arms for all gamers to literally and figuratively ‘play it forward’. LUDOMATION is Werd! Interactive’s first installment in a series of so-called medical breakthrough games imploring gamers to unite in one common cause; to advance research and find cures for a spectrum of maladies ranging from HIV to Breast Cancer. Shepherd says ten percent of proceeds from every game in the series will be donated to their respective charities.

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Orlando game developer brings awareness to World Aids Day

Wednesday is World Aids Day – which is supposed to bring awareness to the disease that has infected 33.3 million around the globe.

Orlando game developer Randy Shepherd wanted to do something that made a difference. Five years ago, his company, Werd Interactive, created a mobile phone game “Tiles Red Ribbon.”  The next year, the game was given away for free to anyone who got tested on National HIV/AIDS Testing Day.

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Werd! Interactive releases Gay Days Application

Orlando, Florida – Werd! Interactive is proud to introduce the new Gay Days 1.0 mobile application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. This handy application provides up to date information for 2010 GAY DAYS(R) and beyond. With GAY DAYS(R) attendance expanding exponentially, it’s not too soon to begin planning for 2011′s events right now.

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Werd Interactive Launches New Mobile Portal, New Games Range & New Price Point

Buying mobile games is a slow, complicated and expensive process, which is turning off more players than it is attracting, according to development studio Werd Interactive. Visitors worldwide can browse and buy all of Werd’s games directly from their phone, for only $1.99 or $2.99 each. This includes it’s unique new ‘Spectrum’ range of games, which allow players to change and customise the color of almost everything within the game as well as it’s popular Neo Retro entry level titles.

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Werd Interactive launches mobile game to fight AIDS

New Mobile Phone Game Designed To Help World AIDS Day Spectrum Tiles Red Ribbon, a brand new game for mobile phones was released today by Werd Interactive, to commemorate World AIDS Day and help to raise money for HIV/AIDS research. Every copy of the game sold will contribute to AIDS charities around the world.

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US Neo Retro Label Makes Mobile Gaming Cheap, Fun and Accessible

Mobile games specialist Werd Interactive is set to shake the mobile games industry, today with the launch of the first titles in its new, entry level, casual games brand Neo Retro, which are being sold directly to consumers through the Werd’s website for $1.99 each.

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